Pamper your face, body, and soul with our Valmont facials. Using only the best medical grade, natural products from Switzerland, to feel replenished and rejuvenated.


Energy Ritual – Vitality of the Glaciers

(60 Min)                                          $ 195

(90min)                                           $395

The impact of stress, pollution and the high demands of modern life progressively marks the skin. The complexion becomes dull and lackluster; it loses freshness because the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients. With the Vitality of the Glaciers treatment, a booster of cellular renewal, Valmont offers the skin a genuine rejuvenation. This highly technical treatment reinvents the skin thanks to the CELLULAR COMPLEX VITALITY intensive treatment. The product and the gesture act in total synergy, leaving the face refreshed, smoothed, detoxed and oxygenated… as if after a hike on a glacier.

**90 min Facial includes a collagen face mask,  back, arms and shoulder massage. 

Hydration Ritual – Source of Bisses

(60min)                                          $ 195

(90min)                                          $395

Dehydration is a universal phenomenon affecting all skins. The lack of water becomes worse with age and quickly becomes an aggravating factor of cutaneous aging. With each passing day, the fine lines of dehydration become deep and intimidating wrinkles cover the face. Exclusively in this treatment, recover long-lasting hydration thanks to the MOISTURIZING BOOSTER intensive treatment and the high technology of its two hyaluronic acids. This absolute must of a treatment will leave your skin feeling as fresh as morning dew.

**90 min Facial includes a collagen face mask, back, arms and shoulder massage. 

Anti-Wrinkles & Firmness Ritual – Peaks of Firmness

(60min)                                                                     $195

(90min)                                                                     $395

With the passing of days, the bumps and curves in your face will tend to become deeper, although wrinkles and the loss of firmness are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. To delay or prevent these most visible signs of aging, Valmont demonstrates all its know-how in the Peaks of Firmness treatment, a resolutely anti-wrinkle and firming treatment. INTENSIVE CHRONO CELLULAR LIFT TREATMENT, a lifting massage, a collagen facial mask… all allow your skin to reach the heights it deserves!

**90 min Facial includes a collagen face mask, back, arms and shoulder massage. 

Valmont Collagen Enhancement


                    Full Collagen Face Wrap                                 $120                 

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