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Valmont Cosmetics is a luxurious skin care company who presents a high-performing anti-aging product range. Valmont is a prestigious Swiss Medical Grade Cellular Anti-Aging expert, who takes its source from the natural environment of Switzerland, preserved and pure, combining subtle alpine ingredients to innovative scientific expertise, to achieve optimum quality. The ice field water lies at the heart of Valmont cosmetics, allowing skin cell transfers,, revitalizing cell mechanism, and stimulating skin cells self-defense.
This exclusive and pure water is found at more than 2000 meters high, in a secret location, right at the bottom of the Valais glacier. Politicians to well-known artists from around the world then rushed to this peaceful heaven, in search for a prime rest, exceptional therapies, and self-indulgence. As the first Swiss clinic entirely devoted to health and wellness, the clinic still attracts prestigious clients. It also became famous for its rejuvenating skin therapies.

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