What's Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Treatment at Q SPA PLUS?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

You might’ve heard #Oxygenating facial, but have you ever heard Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Facial or #Frotox? Our master esthetician, Yufei, who continually researches and develops unique and corrective skin treatments has done it again. She has combined the concepts of Oxygenating and Cryo Therapy facials (Frotox) into Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Facial. As in all of her therapies, “Frotox” is based on natural occurrences. What’s so unique and fascinating about it? Let’s dive into it.

What’s Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Treatment at Q SPA PLUS?

Our revolutionary Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Treatment is accomplished first by cleansing the skin of dead skin cells and clear the complexion and breathe life back into dull, fatigued and stressed skin. Followed by a chemical peel to eliminate dead skin and acne congestion, the thorough cleans is to give you a radiant, moisture-balanced with a restored, youthful glow.

Once cleansed, Yufei treats the skin directly with medical grade oxygen. The bacteria that causes skin disorders, especially acne, cannot survive in oxygen. After the oxygen infusion, Yufei follows up this normalizing and moisturizing applications.

To continue the therapy, Yufei introduces Cryo therapy (Frotox). Cryo therapy(Frotox) is basically exposing the skin to sub zero temperatures for a controlled period and it invovles using LIQUID NITROGEN. This technique was first developed in 1978 by Japanese rheumatologist Dr. Toshima Yamaguchi. The technique was first used to treat arthritis and spurred off unintended benefits. The exposure to freezing temperatures triggers the bodies natural responses to produce cell rejuvenation and almost new skin. It is the hottest skin care treatment right now that celebs are obsessed with. Many celebrities (Kim Kardashian is all over it on Instagram) swear by it. Beauty magazines say it’s essential for photo shoot, trips down the red carpet, and to plump up skin after a dehydrating first-class flight.

During those "Cryo minutes", your brain also releases hormones, such as adrenaline and endorphins, to stimulate your organs. This reaction facilitates cell rejuvenation, boosts your immune function, and promotes self-healing.

At Q SPA PLUS, We utilize Cryo therapy facial as an add on to many of our services as part of our Clinical Treatments, or on its own as a regular part of a monthly skin regimen: Cryo-Oxygen Infusion Treatment. No Pain, No Downtime!

Benefits of CryoTherapy Facial treatment

  1. It Helps Improve Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms

  2. It helps to boosts your collagen production

  3. It seals and enhances good results from your facial (“Frotox”)

  4. It Helps Reduce Acne

  5. It Improves Blood Circulation

  6. It Tightens Your Skin Pores


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