Our Microblading/PMU Team


As one of Q Spa Plus' Microblading Artists, Ana does more than draw/microblade eyebrows. With more than 10 years of beauty services experience, she's obsessed with innovative new ways to enhance one's beauty which is extremely useful and effective. She customizes brow shape and technique based on each client's face shape, facial feature and the client's needs to bring the best results that make clients happy. She is specialized in Microblading, Microshading( powder brows), combination of microblading technique and  Keratin lash lift.

Services: 3D microblading, Microshading( powder brows), combination of technique. Keratin lash lift.


brow artist

Alessandra is a licensed cosmetologist and microblading artists specializing in the art and shaping of eyebrows  for 16 years and in the beauty  industry  for 22 years.  She is also  certified in microblading eyebrows. She educates clients on how to perfect and maintain eyebrows and also does brow tinting, lash tinting,  lash lift, specializing and enhancing eyebrows to customize and fit for her features from microblading to eyebrow waxing and more!

Service: Brow waxing/tinting, Lash lift

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