The mother-daughter team of Yufei and Qin are the creative force behind Q SPA +. When Qin wanted to combine her passion for art and skincare, Q SPA + was born. Yufei's skincare was key in reducing the painful and stubborn acne that Qin suffered from in school. After studying piano at Indiana University and receiving her Bachelors and Masters degrees and Performer's Diploma, she wanted to share her love for music and wellness with a wide audience.


For years Yufei Yao has refined techniques and tested products at Yufei Skincare that gently and effectively bring out your skin’s soft, natural glow. Her own daughter’s struggle with painful acne inspired Yufei to pioneer treatments that are effective without being overly aggressive, and caring for her own skin has led to treatments that maintain your skin’s resilience for graceful aging.


Skincare is a way of life for their family, stretching back to their roots in China with Yufei's grandmother. Defying communist rule, Yufei's grandmother cared for her skin and beauty in secret. Seeing this as a young girl formed in Yufei a core belief in caring for yourself despite adversity, and that true beauty begins with the care and love we show for ourselves.


Paintings by Yufei

My Hope Is You - Omar Akram
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