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Chicago’s best Brazilian Expert in the Gold Coast steps off the Magnificent Mile. Professional customized waxing service will dazzle you.   

                          - Unique -

        * Medical grade setting service

       * Gold standard Non stick botanic wax.

      * Antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients

      * Unique post care kit provided for free.

Our Bikicial (TM)  service has been trademarked.                       

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-Pre/Post Brazilian  Care-

Medical Grade Brazilian                             $80

Full hair removal, feeling fresh, clean and fabulous.

French Bikini                                               $65

A little further removal than basic Bikini for a sensual feeling, leaving a landing strip.


Basic Bikini                                                  $60

Removal of hair to allow Bikini wear without concern of hair showing.

Bikicial (TM) 45 min                                    $150

Post waxing treatment for breakouts. Includes cleasing, exfoliation, mask and treatment.


Customized Brazilian                            $85 &up

Waxing leaving sensuous shapes of hair for your satisfaction.


1. If you are the first timer to receive Brazilian wax, take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before coming for the service to reduce your pain.


2.Grow your hair to at least an eighth of an inch, and less than a quarter of an inch, to insure that the wax has enough grip to release the hair from the root.


3.Exfoliate in between waxing to reduce the chance of ingrown hair.


4.Protect, soothe and moisturize the area with our unique antiseptic cream after showers.  Most importantly during the first twenty four hours after waxing.


5.Especially after workouts, shower and apply our post care cream to avoid breaking out and ingrown hair due to perspiration.


6.Avoid a Bikini/Brazilian waxing before or during your period, because during your menstrual cycle, you might feel more sensitivity to pain.


7.Schedule your Bikini/Brazilian waxing after your period.  This will insure smooth, soft beautiful skin for weeks, leaving you feeling confident and sexy. After that 4th week, when you period is finished, your hair should be the perfect length for your next waxing.


8. Always to receive a Bikini/Brazilian waxing from your professional Brazilian Expert to avoid unnecessary accidents or disease.

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