Nurture your skin, restore your body, elevate your spirit.


Experience an oasis of serenity above Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. From the moment you walk in you are enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth, beauty, and calm. Soft seating, aromatic tea and herbal infusions, and gentle sounds of piano separate you from the day to day rush outside. Welcoming without overwhelming, all your senses are pleasantly touched.


Experience services that are both holistic and cutting edge. Our services are based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and infused with modern technology. Through years of research, we have developed highly effective treatments for difficult skin conditions. Our approach delivers successful results without the pain and discomfort of other aggressive and harsh procedures.


Experience the art of hospitality. Every member of the Q SPA + team are your hosts to services that go beyond pampering to nourish your wellbeing. Enjoy relaxed down to earth hospitality from estheticians, massage therapists who treat you with warmth and genuine care. Our staff works together to anticipate your needs and create an experience of a little home away from home.

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